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Squadron Staff


Deputy Commander For Cadets: Capt. James Meyer 


Cadet Command Staff 

Cadet Commander: C/Lt. Col. Troy Mooney 

Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations: C/1st. Lt Samuel Nash 

Cadet Deputy Commander for Support: C/2d Lt. Nika Lind



Squadron Commander: Capt. Brian Wilson

Activities Officer: Vacant

Administrative Officer: 2d Lt. Michele Lind

Aerospace Education Officer: Capt. James Meyer

Cyber Education Officer: Capt. Mary Meyer

Chaplain: Capt. Hilary Lind

Character Development Instructor: Capt. Hilary Lind / 2nd Lt. Michele Lind

Communications Officer: Col. James Haldy

Deputy Commander for Seniors: Lt. Col. John Grubb

Disaster Relief Officer: Vacant

Emergency Services (ES) Officer: 1st Lt. Clark Scott

Emergency Services Training Officer: 1st Lt. Clark Scott

Finance Officer: Capt. Mary Meyer

Historian: Vacant

Leadership Officer (Applicable to Cadet and Composite Squadrons Only): Capt. Hilary Lind

Legal Officer: Vacant

Logistics Officer (Applicable to Squadrons Only): Maj. Paul Young

Maintenance Officer: 1st Lt. Stephen Cary

Medical Officer: Vacant

Operations Officer: Capt. Carl Bailey

Personnel Officer: 1st Lt. Gloria Carranza-Salcido

Public Affairs Officer: 2nd Lt. Michele Lind

Recruiting Officer: Vacant

Safety Officer: Capt. Richard Caummisar

Search and Rescue (SAR) Officer: Vacant

Standardization/Evaluation Officer: Col. Bobby Picker

Supply Officer: 1st Lt. Clark Scott

Transportation Officer: 2nd Lt. Philip Ashcraft


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